Bookie Software FAQ

Where are the main offices?
PPHServices is located in the heart of Costa Rica a few miles off the capital city of San José.

What do I need to do to set up with you?
Opening shop with us is very simple, all you need to do is follow three easy steps:
  • Choose the plan that best fits you and your customers.
  • Send us the account information to open the player accounts and set up all the profiles.
  • Make the initial deposit to get started.

What are the safety procedures regarding my information?
All information provided to us and our servers is protected. Information regarding customers or players will only be given to you and people you authorize, that being a sub-agent, partner, or customer. No sensitive information will be stored online in case you lose your login credentials or leave your computer logged in by mistake. The agent account will not be linked to your name or have any personal information about you.

What sports will my players have available to them, can they also play casino or horses?
All your players will be able to wager on the sports you decide to offer, you can personalize through your agent account the access your players have in their account, if you authorize sub-agents, they will also be able to monitor and enable sports and services for your players.

Can I restrict the available sports to my customers?
Depending on the plan you select, you can change the wagering menu to what you need. You can get rid of a particular time period or a sport all together.

Do my customers have a limit on the amount they can play?
We usually encourage our customers to set a $25 minimum over the phone to guarantee profits when taking into consideration operation costs, as for a maximum limit, you are free to determine the amounts according to what works best for you and your customers.

What payment methods do you use?
We only accept person to person transactions via Money Gram or Western Union, we also take Pre-paid Cards if a transaction is not viable.

Is a Sportsbook? is NOT a sportsbook, we are a specialized call center that provide customer service and software solutions for bookmakers, we deal directly with agents and bookies and not with players.

Do I get my own personalized site and URL?
Depending on the package you select, you can choose from one of our templates, but if you require a full site with your personal branding, we can build you a customized website at an additional cost.

The concept of Price Per Head (PPH) can seem very complicated to some people at first. Basically, the concept of Price Per Head is having an onshore bookmaker supply his clientele with the services of a post-up offshore sportsbook completely anonymously by using an internet-based automated system.

Why is online betting so appealing these days to consumers? If you’re thinking of becoming a bookie, why would it be better for you to operate online instead of opening shop in a brick-and-mortar establishment? Betting online has numerous advantages to offer both bookmaker and clients. With a knowledge of the benefits for each.